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12º C.


GROUP RIDES - Saturdays 10am - Sweets Tearooms (suit approx. ages 9-16)

We run a casual Youth ride on Saturdays riding at 10am from Sweets Tearooms and we return about 11.30am to meet up with the senior riders - come along, it's very quiet rural lanes, nobody gets dropped - it's about enjoying it while learning group riding skills and club rider etiquette.


Our 'Youth Ride' is run by our riders Mark Cox & Laurence Heaven, who are both DBS checked and assisted by John Hollier & Richard Southon. Rides generally consists of about 90-120mins of riding in a group. Our main emphasis is on riding together, learning basic etiquette, group riding skills and confidence. Route varies to suit the riders ability, group size and weather. We normally get back to Sweets after 11.30am the time the senior riders arrive for their coffee stop mid 'club ride', so both youth & senior riders can mix and enjoy the cafe, cake and have a few laughs together!



A Parental Consent Form is required.

2017 Parental Consent Form


As a 'British Cycling' affiliated club we take our members behaviour and welfare seriously and will deal with any malice, threats, bullying, inappropriate, uncomfortable or aggressive behaviour within or externally of the club.

If you have any issues or concerns which you would like to raise in confidence and be dealt with anonymously, then you can e-mail our 'Welfare Officer' or speak to them in person.

They are DBS checked and it is their duty to deal with these matters in confidence and privately on your behalf.

Tor 2000 Welfare Officer

m. 07742 030868


GROUP A: After yesterdays Castle Combe Easter Classic everyone thought, especially Ben, that they want to work on sprinting. That's what they got! Splitting into two groups at the half way point. George coming back from his broken arm and Charlie having already had his pool training had the same first half, then an easy recovery back ahead of Ben, Louis, Fergus & Kes who continued out further with John. Then they had to organise and chase back to catch the smaller group in what was an increasingly strong headwind. Tough session following yesterdays race. Great effort by them all.

GROUP B & C: Nice to see our fresh young riders Emma, Josh & Paddy come back for more riding with Laurence & Richard.


Castle Combe Easter Classic - Good Friday April 2017. U16s Boys.

Steady improvements, that's the key and all the racers got stuck in on this big open loop. A tough headwind on the start straight meant an immediate split at the first corner with the usual fractures in the field caused by the experienced riders blasting the start to form a large front group. An initial poor start from Ben meant he had to sprint hard to make it back to the lead group but once in rode intelligently within the pack. Getting better at sheltering. At the point of writing not sure of final positions but looked mid teens and very respectable. Louis, Will, Fergus & Kes became scattered on the first lap but all dug in and rode full distance. Will and Louis formed up with another small bunch and a sprint to the line saw Louis deliver a measured sprint to beat the group. Will soundly came in and those race nerves seem to be getting a little less once on the circuit. Kes and Fergus had a 'character forming' event, soloing most of race on the tail but most importantly, not quitting - steady improvement, committed effort by all of them and race mileage under their belts.


GROUP A: High pace repeated team riding, close 'through and off' - sorry cranky Garmin shut down, started, shut down etc!


Odd Down, round #2 Sullis Scorpions Series 2017. U16s Boys.

Fair to say it's one that all the boys will soon forget and hey, racing miles is racing experience. Ben Wainwright as always pushed hard and showed his nose in the wind for several laps early doors. But he paid for trying to break it up, by slowly and steadily being overhauled in the last lap, still managed to find approx 11th being edged out by some tasty sprinting, which Ben will tell you is not his thing.  Will, Louis, Ollie and Fergus all made the school boy error of politely starting at the back of the group, again. May be we have gone too far with keeping these boys well mannered, team players, with unquestionable care, duty and etiquette towards those around them... I'd take that over arrogance and raw pace every time and are very proud of how they represent themselves and the club both on the track and off the track.

It'll improve and once they get the start right pretty sure they'll manage to keep in the main pack, they have fitness - they need a savvy start, some confidence in cornering harder and to find a way to go into the hurt locker in short bursts. It'll come, they all have sound bike skills to work from, besides at the moment faster, fluid course are much better suited to their strengths.


GANG RIDE: Seeing as it was very windy to start with and we have one lad racing on Sunday we decided an easy steady ride and make it back just before it hammers down with rain plan was needed. And that's exactly what we did, just as we got back it tipped down.




TEAM TIME TRIAL TRAINING: Hold that wheel, through and off training at pace around a familiar loop circuit. Chasing a 'hare' in the form of Jonesey who held them off to finish at the top of Holywell HIll with time in hand. So next time he'll get less of a head startt! Some sprint training on the return, tap, sprint full gas, sit recover, go again on tap!

HAIT! Sprint you weasels... even the boss, Monsieur Crocker had to do it!


Very fractured ride, two groups with a group of four doing hard circuits. Need to change tack now these boys are getting faster, it's now primarily on race training.


Sadly no photos at the moment.
Please send any photos you may have to:

RACING - ODD DOWN: 25th Feb 2017. First race of the season and first time racing for several of our boys - a baptism of fire, much to be learnt. Keep warm. Don't start politely at the back. Hold your lines. Move off the racing line well before being lapped. Essential learning curve though. Ben Wainwright had a superb break off the front showing real balls and grit, stayed away for two laps until a very worried peloton gave chase, bunch caught and passed him. Great spirit and the right attitude. TAKE IT TO THEM!



TRACK SESSION: 4th Feb 2017. So we jumped in the trucks and headed to Newport to take part in their Saturday morning Drop In Sessions. All good, everyone loved it and the coaches would be delighted if we could come more often. As always great manners, good etiquette and smart kit made a lasting impression.



Very mucky road 'Shizfest'... but them boys love it! Getting better with pace, tighter riding and taking turns.



Sub zero short one, sat up chatting most of the time... but dry, bright and simply great to get out. Most the boys are at the velodrome drop in, so just Laurence, Leon and myself.


Strong westerly - so out into it and back swift down it! Will, Charlie, Fergus, Kes & Louis. Sadly George had a mechanical and was late, so we missed them.


Need to start ordering tighter group riding, if they're going to race they need to sharpen up!


Great classic winter 'Club Run', dirty, damp, dull perfect temperature for winter kit and of course with a standard mechanical - this time a shotgun style blowout from Captain Heaven. Fortunately only 5 miles from the finish so back out for van collection. ;-)

George, Leon, Will, Louis & Fergus accompanied by 'special guest' VCB rider 'Jonesey', and the usual Capt.Heaven, Coxy & Rich.

Out and back with Laurence, Joner, Leon & Louis to Sweets for the Mince Pie Run

Dirty, messy roads but a gigglefest with the crew

Entertainment provided by Tuck'n'Roll - arial acrobatic display, who performed a beautiful backflip and landing. Captain Heaven scored a combined 9.5 from the judges.

Very wet start but the foul weather eased up just as we left so although the roads were plastered we didn't get wet from above and kept it tight together and a relatively slow pace to ensure all stayed upright and tight in the group. Jess & Annabel joined us again, great to have two young ladies out with George, Will, Fergus, Ollie and Louis. Fair play to them all for turning up to ride in what looked a miserable day when they left home. Great effort and outnumbered the senior riders.

Filthy roads and very low cloud - yet reasonable temperatures meant a really steady ride and tight group riding - just six of us so close wheel riding

Joined today by first timer Annabel and back for more Jess, so nice to have two young ladies out with us - split into two groups at the end of a very cold ride - beat the boys back for to the cake!

George, Kes, Fergus & Louis - dirty roads, drizzle just about held off.

I cut back a little earlier with Charlie than the main group.

Slow start with a fabulous young lady riding her new bike with us for the first half mile - and while she's far too young I have a feeling give it a year or two and she'll be back for more! After that the boys rattled onwards.

Good stuff, steady smooth consistent - nnnnice.

Solid tempo ride, all pulling 28k across Huntspill into headwind, tight riding group.
Will, Ollie, George, Charlie, Louis and Fergus.

Strong headwind on the way out, nice to be joined by Amy once again and new girl Jess, who had a solid ride, fitness no problem as she is a keen triathlete.

George, Louis, Will, Charlie, Henry, Amy & Jess

Breezy one - boys are all increasing their wattage! Some good solid and at times pacey riding, especially considering the stiff NW breeze. Little bit ramshackle at times and a couple of them have asked if we can do more in way of drills.

Sep 10th - Tour of Britain - BRISTOL - Stages 7a TT & 7b 91.4k Circuit Race

Several of the boys went up to the Downs, Andrew Crocker had arranged for them to meet the KALAS Sportswear sponsored riders from Wanty Group Gobert - who had a great ToB race taking KOM with Xandro Meurisse in his 'stagiaire' year too - watch that talent in 2017!

Good riding today, especially by George who hangs in there with riders twice his size.


Nice to have Ben W join us so a good compliment of riders including new lads Will & Oliie. Dan, Louis, Leon but sadly no Fergus as he's broke his collarbone in a 'chute' - get well soon Fergus, these boys miss you!

Great weather, near perfect conditions - Leon, George, Fergus, Louis, Will and Ollie.





BREWING UP TO RAIN: So the gravel of last week was a big hit - 'can we do that gravel again?' - Of course, so away across Tealham Moor, back over Harry Watts bridge and up Bell Hill (CowShiz Hilll ;-). Whistle down through the cycle track and out across a personal favourite, of the riverbank gravel path on the Sedgemoor Drain. Work our way round then up the incline bank near Stawell, crossing the A39 at Chilton Polden Priory - back to Sweets for cake for George, Fergus, Louis, Dan & Kes... and no overlapping wheels this week.

SUNSHINE: Fabulous morning ride, out across Tealham, down to Watchfiled, East Huntspill, Gold Corner, Cossington, Shapwick and Westhay. A touch of wheels brought down George, Fergus and Louis and while a little claret was on display by time they got back to the coffee stop  the battle wounds where being shown to all.

SHOWERS: Just a few riders today, forecast was terrible but riders managed to get around getting damp to start with but got back to Sweets a little drier - decent mileage too, lead by Laurence today. Image shows Louis, George and Ben Fox turning onto  Jacks Drove on Tadham Moor.

SUNNY: Some very good riding skills shown today, riding as a very good cohesive group - with a little brush with a pair of Red Deer in the copse loop.

SCORCHIO: Well, not scorchio, in fact we went out onto wet roads but the weather suddenly has turned to Spring and warm sunshine was the order of the ride from about half way. Laurence was with us again and we stuck with our favourite route - the boys know it really well now which helps keep the ride fluid and gives them a decent 'attack' from Shapwick back to Westhay.

COOL BUT BRIGHT SUNSHINE: Although a relatively short ride, the emphasis was on tighter group riding and at times getting up on speed, moving as a group and rotating turns on the front - the boys have made good progress with their confidence at pace in each other. There is a PR on a segment there and this was riding alongside George while on a full attack.

All todays riders should be quietly proud of their improvements.

DRY, BRIGHT BUT CHILLY: Great solid riding by all the boys, very good through & off - real 'team' riding. Confident and actually when they set about it, not a bad pace.

SHOWERS: Well some days it just doesn't go to plan... headed out towards the gravel for a little gravel riding, as it's Paris-Roubaix tomorrow. But a split group crossing a very short section of the A39 above Chilton Polden meant a missed left turn, so no gravel today. We had to rearrange and regroup after being scattered once regrouped we cut it shorter and dropped from Cossington down a slippery and shizzy Bell Hill - good experience but obviously testing on the slippery descent. Some good high speed through and off on Tealham.

VERY WINDY: Good solid riding by all the boys, only a small group - colds, flu, holidays and a bad weather forecast didn't help. Fergus, Louis, Ben & Kes rode in a nice tight group, echleon riding in the gusty wind and Fergus made a great effort to work with me and then be able to bridge back up to the group on Blakeway into a gusty headwind and at that point increasing rain.

DRY: Nice to be joined again by Amy, despite recovering for a neck injury. Split into two groups at Godney and cut the Polsham loop off. All riders showing great improvement and relaxed group riding. George made aspecial effort, not only did he ride to Sweets but also put some real sustained effort and turns on the front at pace..

DRY: Great ride for all right up until one of the adults had what on the surface seemed a simple 'chute', looked innocent enough but face plant and a very sore wrist.... suspected a broken wrist - and their gut feeling confirmed, multiple fracture and it's now in plaster. Noticeable how they are looking out for each other, mixing well and all improving physically every week.

VERY COLD BUT VERY DRY: Couple of mechanicals early doors so a cut across at Godney to meet back up with the group. After that a great steady ride. Passed Ben W going the other way after his track session had been cancelled - all at Sweets come finish for cake and larks - Charlie rocking new kit, ain't no way he was goingt o wear a jacket no matter how cold!

EXETER UNIVERSITY:  20th Feb 2016. Three of our Youth riders were invited in 2015 to take part in a long term four year 'Bone Density' study at Exeter University. Here Dan, Louis and Ben represent 'cyclists' as youth sportsmen from swimming, football, rugby and cycling are compared. This long term study involves following the boys development using blood samples, food diaries, detailed bone density observations and athletic ability tests. Even have full body scans. They also get to wear 'activity' waistbands that track their movements & heart rate for a couple of weeks after each study.

VERY COLD, VERY WET START:  Two groups, one returning early from cold and rain. Which is why the Garmin route is very disjointed.

06/02/2016 - MAINTENANCE WEEK:  Because the weather was terrible! So we spent the morning adjusting, lubricating and trying positions on turbo trainers - well worth doing on a foul weather day.

MILD and BRIGHTENED OUT TO A LOVELY RIDE:  Ben F, Fergus, Leon, George & Louis. Puncture free and nice steady group riding - near perfect morning ride!

BRIGHTENED UP:  Ben F, Fergus, Leon, George, Dan, Ben W, Louis, Henry & Kes. Cut mileage down, delayed with Ben W puncture... had to happen, filthy wet roads. You guys might want some:

VERY COLD BUT DRY: -1º. Ben F, Henry, Fergus, Charlie, Leon, George & Louis. Very cold start but frost soon lifted, stuck to clean dry roads, ice on the fringes - puncture free too.

VERY WET: Ben F, Henry, Dan, Kes, Fergus & Louis. Filthy dirty ride and from half way in some heavy rain, including a couple of punctures for fun for both Fergus & Kes.

First ride of 2016 - WET: Leon, Louis, Charlie, Fergus & George - out on very wet roads into rain which eased off - good solid steady riding, relatively clean route too.

WET: Big group, 20 riders including a few parents.


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