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Castle Combe Easter Classic

Team Tor 2000/KALAS
Pete Haworth - XX from in the break
James Williams - Peloton
John Hollier - Peloton
EVENT: E,1 & 2

Pete Haworth got himself in the break which formed a few laps in and held off the bunch right to the line. This break worked together beautifully and the final few hundred yards didn't give Pete a clear line until very close but a tremendous effort to keep this break away in a very tough finish line headwind.

James Williams had a rolling start... the whistle went as James came out the pits, so he had to sprint up to the pack, much to the delight of the crowd cheering him on! But for those first few laps looked like he did an lot of policing work.

John Hollier worked his race within the Peloton and gradually eased out the rust from a winter without circuit racing and an autumn spent mostly racing on the track.

Castle Combe Easter Classic

Team Tor 2000/KALAS
Ben Wainwright - XX front group
Louis Cox - Peloton
Will Ryan - Peloton
Kes Pitcher - Grupetto
Fergus Main - Grupetto
EVENT: Boys Under 16s

Steady improvements, that's the key and all the racers got stuck in on this big open loop. A tough headwind on the start straight meant an immediate split at the first corner with the usual fractures in the field caused by the experienced riders blasting the start to form a large front group. An initial poor start from Ben meant he had to sprint hard to make it back to the lead group but once in rode intelligently within the pack. Getting better at sheltering. At the point of writing not sure of final positions but looked mid teens and very respectable. Louis, Will, Fergus & Kes became scattered on the first lap but all dug in and rode full distance. Will and Louis formed up with another small bunch and a sprint to the line saw Louis deliver a measured sprint to beat the group. Will soundly came in and those race nerves seem to be getting a little less once on the circuit. Kes and Fergus had a 'character forming' event, soloing most of race on the tail but most importantly, not quitting - steady improvement, committed effort by all of them and race mileage under their belts..

PHOTO: © Mark Hopkins

PHOTO: © James Main

1st APRIL 2017:

THIRD - Ben Wainwright
Team Tor 2000/KALAS
EVENT: Wheal Jane Circuit Race

Hard work finally paid off with a third place in Cornish race 'Wheal Jane'.


Nice one Ben, sure there are more podiums to come this season!

PHOTO: © George Wainwright

26th MARCH 2017:

EVENT: Scorpion CS Road Race

Scorpion CC Road Race 2017 - REPORT

You could not have got a better March morning for a bike race; blues skies, warming sun with a slight breeze at the start. As the riders rolled out of the Overt Locke Ltd car park in Somerton, Somerset and headed out onto the challenging 15 km circuit there was an air that this was going to be highly competitive battle and race did not fail to deliver. The first two complete laps the riders were all together, there as odd dig from teams such as PMR Toachim House, Catford CC Equipe Banks and TRI UK. The KALAS Sportswear UK flags were indicating that the wind was picking up. It was on lap three when the elastic finally broke and Mikey Mottram was clear of three chasing riders Lee Frost (VC Equipe), Ian Cullen (Mid Devon Cycling Club) and Daniel Combe (Team Backstedt/Hot Chillee). It would soon change on lap four as Robert Ormond (Morvelo Basso RT), Thomas Scott-Collins (Spirit Tifosi Racing Team) joining Daniel Combe (Team Backstedt/Hot Chillee) escaping the bunch and builting a lead of up to 1:20 min, causing the pursuing bunch to split into two. The pace of the race up to this point was very high with 100 km was completed in under two hours, though the building wind was strong it favoured the riders on the climb and along the drag to the finish.

With two laps to go once again it was all change at the front with only Daniel Combe remaining at the ahead of affairs he was joined by Jake Alderman (St Pirian), Tristan Robbins (Team Raleigh), Joe Evans (Madison Genesis) and Lee Frost. The bunch was showing the strain now in several pieces and a number of riders had gone out the back. However surprising by the bell lap the race was mainly back together with only a few smaller groups of the back, it was going to be a bunch sprint for the first time in the races history. It was Tristan Robbins that showed he had legs as he headed the bunch across the line from Madison rider Joe Evans. Tristan showing he has a liking for the course as he also won the KALAS 2-Day on the same roads last September.

Once again support was amazing; without the NEG, accredited marshals , officials, helpers and not for getting the cake makers this event would not be a success, Thank you!

1 Tristan Robbins

2 Joe Evans

3 Ben Strain

4 Marcus Burnett

5 William Roberts

6 Alexandar Richardson

7 Stanley Kennett

8 George Fowler

9 Lee Frost

10 Jake Alderman

11 Steve Thomas

12 Joshua Burns

13 George Smith

14 Isaac Mundy

15 George Gori

16 Rhys Lloyd

17 Kinsey McIlquham

18 Ryan Brain

19 Mike Wragg

20 Ian Cullen.


An album of images are here on Facebook.

PHOTO: © Tor2000

12th MARCH 2017:

WINNER! - Josh Croxton
Team Tor 2000/KALAS
EVENT: CS South Hams Modbury Spring Road Races

Sprinting to the line and avoiding a crash behind Josh took a well deserved win on a particularly slippery course. 4 laps of the Modbury circuit started in drizzle and steadily dried up. Part of an eight man escape group including Graham Collins who sadly had a finish line stack avoiding fallen riders.


Thanks to Adrian Sluman of Plymouth Corinthians for the image.

PHOTO: © Adrian Sluman - Plymouth Corinthians

12th MARCH 2017:

WINNERS! - Mark Brock & Jon Hall
Team Tor 2000/KALAS
EVENT: CS Dynamo 2 up 10 mile TT

These two are TT machines, blasting to victory on the 10 course in 21:06. Awesome effort chaps and we somehow think there is more to come this season!


PHOTOS: © Let Us Know?

30th OCT 2016:

GOLD!!!! John Hollier
Team Tor 2000/KALAS
LVRC Track Championships 2016

It's GOLD, to follow his near miss with silver at the Nationals Masters (see photo), Hollier put the form to great use to punch through and take GOLD in the scratch!

PHOTOS: © Alun Owen, Jeff Baird & Cheryl Owens

SUNDAY 23rd OCT 2016:

(Team Tor 2000/KALAS)
EVENT: WTTA Hillclimb Series

WINNER! Ben Wainwright (Team Tor 2000 KALAS Sportswear) achieved the Champion status for his age category following  his busy weekend of Team Tor 2000 Hillclimb up UH20 (Rodney Stoke) and posting a time of  7:11.8 on Sat 22nd.


Followed on Sun 23rd by Bristol South's legendary 'Burrington Combe' HC with a time of  09:08 putting in the top half of the field overall.


Enough to secure the overall victory.

PHOTOS: George Wainwright & Mark Cox

SATURDAY 22nd OCT 2016:

Team Tor 2000/KALAS
EVENT: Annual Club Hillclimb

Big thank you to Peter Rogers for organising our annual club hill-climb championships, on Saturday 21 October at 14:00 on West Close Hill.


Fastest time on the day: 5:53.9

Winner - Isaac Mundy, Oxford University CC


2nd - Joe Norledge,Bristol South CC

3rd - George Kimber, CS Dynamo

4th - Andrew Kirby, University of Bristol CC

Lady  - Joanne Jago, Performance Cycles CC

Vet - Gordon Markus, Severn RC

U18 - George Kimber, CS Dynamo

PHOTOS: © Coxcreative

1st - 8th OCT 2016:

GOLD!!!! WINNER & WORLD CHAMPION: Elliot Davis, Team Tor 2000/KALAS
EVENT: World Track Masters 2016

He's done it again!


PHOTOS: © Alun Owens

SUNDAY 21st AUGUST 2016:

WINNER: Tristan Robbins
(Madison Genesis)

A strong field gathered for the 10th edition of the KALAS Cup; with most of the UK top domestic teams represented it was going be a tough day in the saddle. The 2-stage race kicked off with an 8.5km Time Trial, 3km longer that last year’s event with the intention of increasing the time gaps. The desired effect did not quite go to plan with 6 seconds covering the top 5. It was Spirit Bikes Race Team Edward Clemens taking the top honours from George Pym (Team Raleigh GAC).

Overt Locke Ltd hosted the start of the second stage, a 120km Road Race containing 8 laps of the draining circuit on roads outside Somerton, Somerset. It was lap 2 when action started with a 30 sec time bonus at stake; George Pym took the prime, taking him into the virtual lead on the road. By lap 3 a group of containing Joshua Green (Catford CC Equipe Banks), Edward Laverack (JLT Condor) and Andrew Turner (KTM Impsport Racing Team) was clear of the peloton. The 3 riders were soon joined by yellow jersey wearer Edward Clemens Team Tor 2000/KALAS Lee Frost. It was Lee Frost who took the next prime and the bunch was in tatters crossing the line in groups of 4 and 5s. An ease on lap 5 meant the bunch reformed however Tristan Robbins (Madison Genesis) and Andrew Turner stayed clear, with Tristan take the third and final sprint. The pair were still away at the bell however with 15km of heavy roads ahead it was going not to be an easy task. But Tristan crossed the line clear leaving his break away companion third just behind stage 1 winner Edward Clemens. Tristan’s efforts were rewarded by taking the overall lead from the Spirit Bikes RT rider and becoming the first rider in the history of the race to win twice and in consecutive years! Tristan also took the Walter Rixon prize for the best under-23 rider. Spirit Bikes RT journey proved to be fruitful as they took the team award.

Thanks to all the volunteers and Team Tor 2000 that made this event a success



PHOTOS: © Team Tor 2000/KALAS

SUNDAY 24th JULY 2016:

(Team Tor 2000/KALAS)
EVENT: London Dynamo Summer RR

WINNER! Lee Frost (Team Tor 2000 KALAS Sportswear) clinched victory in the London Dynamo Summer RR after riding away from his breakaway companions.

Special thanks to Hugh McManus for capturing the moment and sharing his picture kindly - please follow Hugh on Twitter  @HughMcManus



PHOTO: © Hugh McManus.

SUNDAY 10th JULY 2016:

2nd: South West Regional RR

Lee Frost (Team Tor 2000 KALAS Sportswear) narrowly missed out on the win on the  Hatherleigh course.



PHOTO: © Coxcreative.

SUNDAY 3rd JULY 2016:


John Hollier takes Silver in the Mens Points




PHOTO: © Andrew Crocker
Team Tor 2000

SUNDAY 8th MAY 2016:

Wiltshire Grand Prix





PHOTO: © Andrew Crocker.
Team Tor 2000

2016 will welcome SunTraffic as an additional sponsor.

30th APRIL 2016:

Somerset Road Club - 2up TT (U21)


With a start list of around 80 riders the SRC's 2up TTT was well supported, held on the U21 with a very strong headwind on the way out.

Congratulations to both Josh Gray & Michael Leech of Team Tor 2000 for taking the win they completed in a time of 22.14.

Also in the results from Team Tor 2000.:
First composite: Ashley Martin (Tor2000/KALAS/Whitelake/Scorpion) and George Fowler (NFTO Pro Cycling) 20.34


Second composite: Laurence Douglas-Greene (SRC/Bicycle Chain) and Charlie Powell (Tor2000/KALAS/Whitelake/Scorpion) 21.49


First team with vet 50-59: John Hollier and Elliot Davis (Tor2000/KALAS/Whitelake/Scorpion) 23.34



SAT 2nd APRIL 2016:

Totnes Vire 2 Day Stage Race





PHOTO: © Andrew Crocker.
Team Tor 2000

20th MARCH 2016:

Scorpion CS - Nat. B Road Race


A strong field lined up for the first Team Tor 2000 | KALAS Sportswear promotion of the year. Using the same testing circuit as the well established KALAS Sportswear UK Cup. Riders  completed 8 1/2 laps and 9 accents of Snap Hill before they cross the finish line 137km later.


1 Dale Appleby (NFTO)

2 Andy Turner (KTM Impsport RT)

3 Liam Bromiley (University of Bath CC)

4 Robert Partridge (NFTO)

5 Lee Frost (Team Tor 2000)

6 Andrew Williams (Cwmcarn Paragon CC)

7 Joshua Burns (unattached)

8 Oscar Hutchings (Primera- Team Jobs)

9 Liam Walsh (VC Equipe-Flix)

10 Rhys Williams (Zappis RT)



PHOTO: © Rob Davey

PHOTOS: © Rob Davey

SUNDAY 6th MARCH 2016:

Severn Bridge RR





PHOTO: © Andrew Crocker.
Team Tor 2000


News just in live from the island.... the first coffee stop and the first group photo in our new 2016 kit - looking sharp boys... so fresh and so clean!

20th FEBRUARY 2016:

Three of our Youth riders were invited in 2015 to take part in a long term four year 'Bone Density' study at Exeter University. Here Dan, Louis and Ben represent 'cyclists' as youth sportsmen from swimming, football, rugby and cycling are compared.


This long term study involves following young sports people and their development - using blood samples, food diaries, detailed bone density observations and athletic ability tests. Combined with hi tech full body scanning and volume measurements. They also get to wear 'activity' waistbands that track their movements & heart rate for a couple of weeks after each study.


31st Jan 2016. 7pm-9pm

A great evening was had by senior riders and a few selected Youth riders, including three first time trackies, Leon Kearle, George Southon and Fergus Main. All attending where coached by Jason Streathers from PDQ Coaching.

Hopefully this will be repeated soon and another batch of senior and youth riders can enjoy a track session in the Welsh National Velodrome, Newport. If you are interested in another Club track session please post it up on the Facebook page.

Coxy leads out Youth riders for their first track session -
Leon, Fergus, George and Richard (Georges' dad)

Pete, John, Graeme, Charlie, Louis (Yth), Ben (Yth) & Russell

George (Yth) and Richard Southon

January 2016


Following on from the recent announcement that KALAS Sportswear, Europe’s leading manufacturer and distributor of sports apparel will sponsor UCI Pro-Continental cycling team Wanty-Groupe Gobert, the custom cycle wear experts today confirm a partnership with the team’s rider Mark McNally, who becomes the first KALAS UK ambassador.


KALAS Sportswear UK Manager Andrew Crocker is delighted to secure the services of the young English rider:


“KALAS have been around for 25 years, but 2016 promises to be our most exciting year ever. We have big plans to step up our activity and the team sponsorship was the first of several announcements we will be making over the coming weeks. Adding Mark as an ambassador is a great next step to help us maximise the opportunity of working with team Wanty-Groupe Gobert. Mark’s role is two-fold for KALAS. Not only will he support us with personal appearances at UK events, he will also bring invaluable feedback and insight to help refine and improve the kit the team uses. Although Mark is still relatively young he has a lot of experience and we will be working closely with him to develop some exciting new products.”


Mark is looking forward to working with KALAS and is keen to make an immediate impact on the road with his new team:


“It’s great to be asked to work so closely with one of the team’s key sponsors. Obviously the kit is something that is critical, we wear it every day, whether training or racing. A good technical clothing partner and well designed clothing can make a huge contribution to our performance in races, making sure we are comfortable whatever the weather throws at us. We first got to see the new KALAS kit at the team meeting back in October and the quality is superb. I’ve been wearing the RainMem gear whilst training in Belgium so far and it's as good as anything I've tried. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to really test the kit in some of the biggest races of my career this Spring, where I'm particularly targeting the northern classics.


Former pro rider Frantisek Rabon (T-Mobile Team, HTC Highroad and Quickstep) is now working with KALAS, and it is his responsibility to liaise with Mark and the pro team, with a clear focus on delivering high quality service to the team and further product development based on their feedback:


“As a former rider myself I am really pleased to have Mark as an ambassador to work with.  He's a good pro with great knowledge and he's already given us a couple of ideas for future product innovations.  It’s essential to get the insight from the guys who use the kit day-in day-out so that we can continue to bring innovations to our range”

3rd Jan 2016 - JAMES PORTER - FIRST WIN OF  2016!

Congratulations - James Porter for starting the season with a win at the first round of the Soggy Bottom Series!

1st Jan 2016 - New 2016 Race Team Kit Design

Andrew has finalised the 2016 Race Team Kit designs and subject to British Cycling approval this is the proposed design for 2016.

Deadline for first order: 10th January 2016


2016 welcomes a new sponsor supporting the club, SunTraffic and continued support from KALAS Sportswear, White Lake, Scorpion CS, PelotonRacer, Overt Locke and Coxcreative.

2016 Kit Order Form

Nov 2015
New additional sponsor for 2016 Race Team

We are delighted to announce SunTraffic as an additional sponsor for 2016, new kit design is due after a 3yrs run of the current version and sponsors. It will see one of Andrews adaptive designs, so will compliment any existing kit. Race Team have requested it to be more visible within the peloton.


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