Team Tor 2000 | KALAS welcomes 18's whether they have aspirations to race or just want to  ride their bikes. 

U18's Group Rides

Each Saturday there is a casual youth ride (suitable approx. ages 11-16) departing at 10.00am from Sweets Tearooms and returning about 11.30am to meet up with the senior riders.  It's run all year round (weather dependent) on quiet, rural lanes in which nobody gets dropped. The aim is to enjoy the ride whilst learning group riding skills and club rider etiquette. Participants do not need to be a member to come and have a go, however a consent form will need to be completed by a legal guardian before the rider can join in. After the trial ride to continue participating the ride will need become a member of the club. Over 16's are welcome to join the senior as long as they riding is at an acceptable standard. 


U18's Racing



Age Categories

- Youth riders are any members under the age of 16 on the 1st of January of that year. For British Cycling events this is then broken down further into two year blocks u16's or Youth A, u14's or Youth B, u12's or Youth C, u10's or Youth D and u8's or Youth E.

- Junior riders are between 16 and 18 years of age (though must be 16 or over, and under 18 on the 1st of January for that year). Rider can change from Youth to Junior on the day of their 16th Birthday, or stay Youth A for remainder of that year.

Gear Restrictions 

If under are participating in event governed by British Cycling (usually Circuit Races, Track or Cyclo-Cross) The gears will be required to be restricted (limits the amount the  bike will travel in one pedal revolution). The amount that needs to be restricted will depend on the riders age. Here is a quick guide to  British Cycling gearing regulations for U18 riders

See the table below for race age categories and gear restrictions, with a full table of restricting gears here



As a 'British Cycling' affiliated club we take our members behaviour and welfare seriously and will deal with any malice, threats, bullying, inappropriate, uncomfortable or aggressive behaviour within or externally of the club.

If you have any issues or concerns which you would like to raise in confidence and be dealt with anonymously, then you can e-mail our 'Welfare Officer' or speak to them in person.

They are DBS checked and it is their duty to deal with these matters in confidence and privately on your behalf.

Tor 2000 Welfare Officer

m. 07742 030868

Youth/Junior Racing Grants